About Landerman Management Associates

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Attending to the intricacies of rule-making and contacting legislators is a 24/7 business. Your organization may lack the capacity to keep up-to-speed with government action “in real time,” putting your organization at risk. Or, you may be facing an issue in Ohio for the first time and have no feel for the state. State government relations is our full-time job and our only business. Our professionals have lived and worked in Ohio all their lives and understand the state’s unique culture, people and politics. For these reasons, many organizations hire us to work in tandem with in-house lobbyists.

Landerman Management offers on-staff professionals skilled in all aspects of government relations. Clients benefit from the “insider” perspective of company founder Steve Landerman, a former state agency executive. Professionals affiliated with Landerman Management lend fire power to your government relations efforts, as needed, including representation in Washington, D.C.

We pride ourselves on personal service. You are guaranteed individual leadership in crafting your government relations strategy and managing the professional team assigned to your business. First appointed by Gov. James A. Rhodes, Steve maintains close relationships with the Republican majority in the Ohio House and Senate and the administration of Gov. John Kasich.